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Zafón V

Fix asa! Ca un torent, ca o cascada, care in loc sa se prabuseasca in hauri, se ridica inspre ceruri, inspre zbor si plutire, elevatie (im)personala de umbre si lumini si mister, curiozitate, hipnoza, nebunie… aproape ca nu mai stiu altceva, si nu mai stiu de mine – in vis si in trezie traiesc doar Cimitirul Cartilor Uitate…

“She let herself be lulled by the perfume of the words and was soon lost among them, succumbing to the torrent of images and rhythms that oozed from the story of Ariadna’s adventures and her descent into the depths of that enchanted Barcelona.

Every paragraph, every sentence, seemed written in a musical key. The narrative drew her eyes through a cadence of timbres and colours that sketched a theatre of shadows in her mind.

She read without pause for two hours, relishing every sentence and dreading the moment she would reach the end. When, upon turning the last page, she came across the illustration of a curtain crashing down on a stage and making the text evaporate into shadowy dust, Alicia closed the book over her chest and lay down in the dark, her gaze still lost in the adventures of Ariadna in her labyrinth.

Bewitched by the magic of that story, she closed her eyes and tried to sleep.”