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XII – haiku/ aprilie

univers in curcubeu

💜 It seems not only the cherry blossoms were early this year…The Wisteria flowers are at full bloom already 😳 ——- ☆彡Rokusonno-jinja Shrine …Kyoto Prefecture 🌿 📸 @kyoto_fan_jp
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IX – haiku/ aprilie

hotarul dintre
vis si realitate –

📍Fujiyama Shrine, Nagasaki Fujiyama Shrine is renowned in the Kyushu Region for its wisteria garden. In fact, one of the wisteria trees named “Ofuji” is recognized as a “natural treasure” in Nagasaki Prefecture. The other famous tree in the garden is a giant 800 year old “Ogatama Tree”, or better known by its botanical name – Magnolia compressa. Wisteria is one of the trees native to Japan, and said to be the tree for en-musubi meaning matchmaking or bringing people together. Night time illumination at the garden will be available during the blooming peak season. 📸@ramumi8 #tokiotours #kyushu #en-musubi #matchmakingtree #treeoflove #lovetree #ogatamatree #nagasaki #FujiyamaShrine #magnoliacompressa #wisteria #wisteriatree
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VIII – haiku/ aprilie

podet fermecat,
insorindu-ti norocul
spre inflorire…

If you’re looking for a Kyoto-based sakura spot that’s a little quieter than other places, Rokusonno Shrine is a real gem. One of the popular places to take photos at the shrine is by the red bridge, and it’s said that visitors who cross over it will be granted with good luck! 🌸 🥰 📷: @yayoi_colors
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VI – haiku/ aprilie

sori orizontali,
albastreli infinite,
șine spre sine…

Kitakinki Tango Railway – Kyoto 📷toshihiro #kitakinkitangorailway #bestjapanpics #photo_travelers #explorejpn #retrip_nippon #bestphoto_japan #japantravelphoto #visitjapanjp #lovers_nippon #pref_kyoto
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IV – haiku/ aprilie

de un sentiment nebun
de duiosie…

o imagine care imi lasa privirea aproape fara cuvinte: simt doar un parjol in suflet – insa nu imi pot da seama ce sentiment ma incearca – presupu ca duiosie, dar nu stiu de ce; poate si armonie si calm sau incredere, optimism?!…

Shower of cherry blossoms – Yoro City, Gifu prefecture 📷kazu_7d
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II – haiku/ aprilie

cires inflorit,
pasind primavaratic,
prin nori rozalii…

Nagano (Nagano-ken) is a mountainous, landlocked prefecture in the center of Honshu, belonging to the Chubu Region. Nagano was the site of the Olympic Winter Games 1998. Prefectural capital is Nagano City. And there is great growth of Sakura🌸🌸 📸 @criss1016
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I – haiku/ aprilie

ce ma gadila
o ramura de parfum
prin sentimente!…

🌸💮 The giant 20 meter standing Buddha peeping over the blossoms…the blossoms are early this year Tsubosaka-dera Temple is the 6th temple on the Saigoku Kannon Pilgrimage… The mix of Japanese & Indian styles makes this temple unique…the temple was built around 717 AD Nara Prefecture 📸 @kosa_photo
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haiku de martie – 28

petalelor de cires
impregnand ziduri…

rasuflarea rozalie a florilor de cires se aseaza delicat pe cladiri, pluteste in aer, se insinueaza in pori, in plamani, in zambet, in privire, in fiinta…

Cherry blossoms 🌸 in Edozakura-dori St, Tokyo 📍 Edozakura-dori St, Chuo City 📷IG: natsuinsta #edojapantravel #japantravel #japan #beautifuljapan #cherryblossom #tokyo
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haiku de martie – 27

ma deschid tie –
culori, parfum, petale –
dragul meu Fuji…

probabil sakura adie peste ape, purtand mesajul florilor de cires…

Mount Fuji (富士山) viewed from Lake Kawaguchi (河口湖) in Yamanashi Prefecture (山梨県) framed by cherry blossoms which bloom along its northern shore at this time of year. Photo credit: Horiuchi Harumi
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haiku de martie – 26

in drum prin oras,
as pleca mai devreme –
doar ca sa ma pierd.

daca m-as afla acolo, oare cu cate ore mai devreme as pleca, incat sa am timp sa ma pierd printre ciresii infloriti?!…

Good morning ☀️ 🌸 Shibuya streets with early blossoms 📸 @ tokyo.ig
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haiku de martie – 24

zburd in pasi dansanti,
si imi transform in comfort –

orice este acum “zona de comfort”, a fost inainte “teritoriu inamic”, mister, nou, spatiu de explorat, temere, nerabdare, neliniste, entuziasm…

Crossing the pond – Heian Jingu, Kyoto, Japan. –