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ce-i infinitul?
prezenta si prezentul
acestui moment…

“Infinity” / 無限 (Mugen), a 1997 oil on paper panel painting in the Nihonga (日本画) style, by Kondo Komei (近藤 弘明, 1924 – 2015)
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ce cerne oare
mantia cosmosului –
stele sau fluturi?

💕The cosmos flowers dancing in the wind 🌸🌼🌺 Spring is coming next Refresh Park Toyoura district Shimonoseki Yamaguchi Prefecture 📸 astrailor_jp
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construiesc torii
la intrarea in suflet –
memento sacru.

Cand pasim din realitate printre sentimente, sa purtam prin ganduri acest reminder de torii, si ideea de suflet ca taram sacru.
Ideea se poate extinde la infinit…ziditori de torii imaginar…

Intr-una dintre cartile acestui inceput de an, sta scris:

“The approach to a Zen temple or Shintō shrine always has several gates – large red archways that we call torii.

Before reaching the main hall of a Zen temple, you pass through three gates – the main gate, the central gate and the triple gate – which represent the journey towards enlightenment.
Shintō shrines also have three torii.

Why bother with such superfluous structures? Well, they are what we call ‘necessary non-essentials’.
We refer to gates and torii as ‘spiritual barriers’.
In other words, they connect two separate worlds. As you pass through each one, you come closer to a pure world – what in Buddhism we consider to be ‘sacred ground’.

This is why Buddhist temples feature these three gates. By creating a boundary between worlds, they help you to become aware of the distance between each one. And as you pass through each one, you experience the sensation of crossing over to sacred ground.”
(zen tha art of simple living – shunmyo masuno)

beautiful Torii ⛩ in the heart of Tokyo 😍 🇯🇵 ⛩ 📸 wakaponpoco
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piedici ce ascund
sperante ca o punte,
damburi de lumina.

Ceea ce pare obstacol in drumul si viteza noastra catre orice, este, de fapt, lumina…

Gifu, Japan ❄️✨🇯🇵 Photography by ag.Ir.88
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cu casuta de oameni.

Arhitectura casei, si masinuta pitulita ca si cum ar cauta protectia oamenilor ei – uimire si adorabilitate!…

🚗 If you own a car in Tokyo you must have a parking spot for it otherwise you must pay for parking everyday … This little car fits perfect under the contemporary design apartment… Nakano district Tokyo 📸 benrich__
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lumina lunii –
ornamentul oniric
al realului

wandering around in Kyoto @ night 😍 🇯🇵 ⛩ 📸 01ktk15
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telefon cu nimb –
de contactat divinul
si-n miez de iarna.

Poate unele fiinte si lucruri sunt marcate cu un nimb vizibil la nevoie – cand transcedem potentiale granite…

Phone booth in Hokkaido, Japan 😯 04.01.2021 Photography By IG / @tak_tatata
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Reading List – 2020 – I –

87 de carti/ 2020 – posibil recordul absolut al existentei mele; deoarece imi este imposibil sa le aranjez dupa preferinta, o selectie in ordine cronologica:

1. unicat. carte cu o suta de finaluri – milorad pavic
2. l’art de la simplicité – domique loreau
3. l’art de la liste – dominique loreau
4. the temple of the golden pavilion – yukio mishima
5. enduring love – ian mcewan
6. the spy – paolo coelho
7. the 25 principles of success – jack canfield
8. success affirmations / 52 weeks – jack canfield
9. becoming – michelle obama
10. you were born rich – bob proctor
11. to kill a mocking bird – harper lee
12. go set a watchman – harper lee
13. the alchemist – paulo coelho
14. by the river piedra… – paulo coelho
15. veronika decides to die – paulo coelho
16. money – master the game – tony robbins
17. the silent patient – alex michaelides
18. why we sleep – matthew walker
19. leveraging the universe – mike dooley
20. jonathan livingston seagull – richard bach
21. the prophet – khalil gibran
22. reaching down the rabbit hole – allan ropper
23. the shadow of the wind – carlos ruiz zafón
24. the angel’s game – carlos ruiz zafón
25. the prisoner of heaven – carlos ruiz zafón
26. the labyrinth of the spirits – carlos ruiz zafón
27. muntele vrajit I + II – thomas mann
28. the night before – wendy walker
29. nagori – ryoko sekiguchi
30. killing commendatore – haruki murakami
31. the master of go – yasunari kawabata
32. on love and barley – basho
33. after dark – haruki murakami
34. chicken soup for the soul – jack canfield & mark hansen
35. the pecular life of a lonely postman – denis theriault
36. el cartero de los haikus – denis theriault
37. bushido – inazo nitobe
38. the strange library – haruki murakami
39. selected poems – rumi
40. a cup of sake beneath the cherry trees – kenko
41. my sister the serial killer – oyinkan braithwaite
42. the postman’s fiancee – denis theriault
43. ikigai – hector garcia & francesc miralles
44. the midnight library – matt haig
45. in praise of shadows – junichiro tanizaki
46. good vibes, good life – vex king
47. ikigai the journey – hector garcia & francesc miralles
48. the life of a stupid man – ryunosuke akutagawa
49. lips too chilled – basho
50. how to stop time – matt haig
51. the book of five rings – miyamoto musashi
52. the old man of the moon – shen fu
53. the decagon house murders – yukito ayatsuji
54. the narrow road to the deep north – basho
55. the inugami curse – seishi yokomizo
56. the hojin murders – seishi yokomizo
57. the tokio zodiac murders – soji shimada
58. a man – keiichiro hirano
59. lady in the van – alan bennett
60. the classic tradition of haiku
61. innercise – john assaraf
62. the thursday murder club – richard osman
63. the science of storytelling – will storr

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e-n trecut; azi las cocori
sa ma trezeasca.

“Cranes at Sunrise, New Year’s Day” [朝日鶴, お正月 元旦 開運 Asahi tsuru, Oshōgatsu gantan kaiun] by Ishiodori Tatsuya, a contemporary Japanese artist who was born in Manchuria, northeastern China, in 1945
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auzi nuferii
cum infloresc in culori
de primavara?

Pictures of the area which was hit by heavy snow fall on the last day of the year: Matsue Castle, Yonago Castle, Yuushien Japanese Garden and Miho Shrine in Mihonoseki ❄️⛄-
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un mar cu mere
in dimineata ninsa.
ce trainicie!

Ieri dimineata, in drum spre muncutz, in lumina rasaritului si a zapezii, un pom cu mere: culoare pe fond de argint, optimism, forta, singuratate, vara in suflet… la intoarcere, se bagase sub plapuma:

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arbori de cedru
zambind efemerului –

❄️🌲⛩ The 400 year old Cedar Trees Forest is a very spiritual area..Togakushi Shrine is a true hidden gem ..the path to the upper Shrine is lined by giant cedar trees & the trees are spectacular.. this sacred Shinto-Shrine is only 2hrs from Tokyo also Togakushi is famous for its delicious soba noodles(^^♪ Nagano Prefecture 📸 tokio_kid
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2021 – variatiuni

zbor lin de flutur,
cale batuta-n stele
sa-ti fie Anul!

abundenta de
armonie albastra
in acest nou an!

zbor de fluture
sa-ti fie sezoanele
acestui nou an!

‘Crossing the Milky Way’ by Fukita Fumiaki (吹田文明), a Japanese artist associated with the sōsaku-hanga (創作版画, creative prints) art movement, who was born in Tokushima Prefecture (on the Island of Shikoku) in 1926.
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1 haiku de Revelion

explozie de
flori, culoare, sunet, sori –
noapte de An Nou!…

La Multi Ani! pentru un 2021 in flori, culoare, sunet, sori si tot ce ne incanta sufletul si emotiile! ✨✨✨✨✨

Fire-works in Shiraito Waterfalls, Fujinomiya (Photo by Takechi)
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1 haiku

ninsoarea noptii –
stea inflorind pamantul.
ce cer efemer!

Azi-noapte si de dimi, a nins… m-am bucurat prosteste, si am iesit la ora cinci in noapte sa pasesc prin zapada in papuci si sa impart prin pozici fericirea mea cu cei dragi… pozele sunt de sub-valoare artistica, insa, le pastrez aici, pentru incantarea sentimentelor:

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1 haiku

bradut de craciun,
luminezi in zambete,
incanti armonii…

Beautiful Christmas Tree standing in Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse ..Minato- Mirai Yokohama Kanagawa prefecture 📸 ubutsq
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1 haiku

fulgere in cer –
universul aprinzand

Cand universul isi creaza propria atmosfera (hihi😄) de craciun – aruncand cu fulgere-luminite ici-colo, si colinde in voce de tunet…

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craciun criptic – no L cryptique

Ma amuza… atat mesajul, cat si sa mi-l imaginez pe Hitchcock chitibusar; a cui a fost ideea, oare? au chicotit? au mega-ras, sau astfel de jocuri de sensuri era ceva normal?… atatea povesti, si scenarii, si inchipuiri… existenta este si mai minunata cand te pierzi in reverii…


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haiku dublu

Doua haikuri jucause, relaxate, de copilarie si fermecare:

macarons de nea –
poate mosul le-a gresit

macarons de nea –
ce faceti pe case, ci
nu in gura mea?!

Craciun Fericit, si luminos si armonios si drag! ✨✨✨✨✨

Gifu, Japan 🇯🇵❄️❄️ Photography by shingo_camera

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retorice de craciun

Cat din viata pierdem cautand capatul scotch-ului pe care l-am lasat accidental sa se lipeasca? Dupa 7 minute de cautari, zgarieri, palpari, incep sa suspectez ca rola mea este roata infinitului; in nanosecunde, un fenomen mistic si inexplicabil mi-a transformat banda de scotch intr-un continuum, un infinit, o exasperare, un fara de inceput sau sfarsit…