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Zafón III

Probabil, in timpul somnului profund care paralizeaza trupul, sufletele se intalnesc in universul afinitatilor elective, si discuta, vibreaza sau viseaza. Apoi, isi aleg sufletul suprem care sa le astearna pe hartie, intru etern… asa mi-am recunoscut o parte din suflet, in The Angel’s Game…


“One of the peculiarities of Barceló’s bookshop was that books were spoken about as if they were exquisite wines, catalogued by bouquet, aroma, consistency and vintage. ‘An excellent choice, Señor Barceló, although I’d be more inclined towards the updated and revised edition.’ ‘Eighteen sixty?’ ‘Eighteen ninety-three.’ “


“I stepped into the bookshop and breathed in that perfume of paper and magic that strangely no one had ever thought of bottling.”