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Primele mele lumanarele DIY: prima – din resturile unui mon guerlain impreuna cu o adiere de vanilie, cea albastra – combinatie pura din doua rituals sakura, care au ars inainte de vreme…

Mainile imi emana un parfum de un amestec de Fericire si Magic, sentimentele imi lumineaza in explozii de culoare, iar ideile imi danseaza intr-un vartej de creativitate si poezie…

Poate inceputul unei pasiuni, poate finalul unei curiozitati, poate un “este” si un “va fi” continuu…

One thought on “alchimie

  1. My first DIY candles ✨✨✨

    The first one – made with the remains of a Mon Guerlain and a touch of vanilla, the blue one – pure Rituals Sakura from two old candles whose light burnt before time…

    My hands smell of a fusion of Happiness and Magic, my emotions shine in fireworks of colours, and my ideas are dancing in a whirlpool of creativity and poetry…

    The beginning of a beautiful friendship, maybe…



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