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IX – haiku/ aprilie

hotarul dintre
vis si realitate –

📍Fujiyama Shrine, Nagasaki Fujiyama Shrine is renowned in the Kyushu Region for its wisteria garden. In fact, one of the wisteria trees named “Ofuji” is recognized as a “natural treasure” in Nagasaki Prefecture. The other famous tree in the garden is a giant 800 year old “Ogatama Tree”, or better known by its botanical name – Magnolia compressa. Wisteria is one of the trees native to Japan, and said to be the tree for en-musubi meaning matchmaking or bringing people together. Night time illumination at the garden will be available during the blooming peak season. 📸@ramumi8 #tokiotours #kyushu #en-musubi #matchmakingtree #treeoflove #lovetree #ogatamatree #nagasaki #FujiyamaShrine #magnoliacompressa #wisteria #wisteriatree