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XXVIII – haiku/ aprilie

intr-o parte – vis,
alta, – realitate:
oare unde sunt?

de partea cealalta a pozei este un vis…

📍Kitayama, Kyoto, Japan
If you want to experience traditional rural Japan and you’re willing to drive a rental car, the Kitayama Mountains north of Kyoto make the perfect day trip.

While Kyoto is surrounded by mountains on three sides, the Kitayama Mountains, which lie to the north of the city, make the best destination for daytrips out of the city. There are easy drive and they’re filled with temples, traditional thatched-roof houses and scenic vistas.

The most popular destination in the Kitayama area is the village of Kurama, which is famous for its mountain temple, Kurama-dera Temple. This is the classic daytrip out of Kyoto and it is easily reached by the Eiden Eizan Line, which leaves Kyoto’s Demachiyanagi Station (at the northern terminus of the Keihan Main Line) and arrives in Kurama 30 minutes later. Some cars on this line have special sightseeing cars that allow you to enjoy the views of Mt Hiei and the southern Hira-san Range. Once the train passes Ichihara, you enter forest, including some nice stretches of bamboo and maple. The classic hike here involves climbing to the main hall of the temple, then over the peak of Mt. Kurama and down to the picturesque village of Kibune, from which you can hike down to Kibune-guchi Station on the Eizan Line (total hiking time about three hours at a relaxed pace).

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📸: @Mamiko

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