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a sarajevo rose

Exista un loc unde trandafirii au parfum de tristete; moarte, crima si speranta…

“A Sarajevo rose – the characteristic pattern of a mortar impact on a footpath. Whenever a mortar killed more than three people the scar that the mortar shell left of the ground is filled in with red resin. These scars look like roses, thus the name.
Unfortunately you will not have to walk far to find a Sarajevo Rose; they are everywhere. “

Si totusi, dincolo de simbolul lor imediat si impresionant, cu totii purtam propriul buchet de astfel de trandafiri …

One thought on “a sarajevo rose

  1. Da, numai ca drama oamenilor aia a fost reala, la fel ca mortii lor. A trasa o paralela intre suferinta lor si suferintele interioare ale celor care traiesc intr-o lume cat de cat normala mi se pare o impietate. Macar pentru ca ei au atins moartea.


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