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Snooker – the Masters – the Final

Daca semifinala Ronnie – Mark (Williams) a fost spectacol, finala dintre Ronnie – Mark Selby a fost memorabila: la 9-6, castigarea ultimului frame si a meciului de catre Ronnie parea sa fie o formalitate ; insa cum Ronnie este intotdeauna surprinzator, am avut parte de o amanare a finalului meciului pana in joc decisiv, castigat de… Mark Selby. A fost o finala intensa, asemenatoare finalelor de Masters dintre Ronnie si Paul Hunter, sau meciurilor dintre Ronnie si Stephen Maguire.

“That’s the best final I’ve ever been in. The atmosphere is great when Ronnie O’Sullivan plays. I just dug in and thought I would just scrap it out. I love the atmosphere and seem to thrive on it. Hopefully this will kick-start my season.”

(Mark Selby)

* Ronnie O’Sullivan 8-9 Mark Selby

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